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Building Better Client Relationships

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A week ago, Emily Cohen wrote an article on entitled [**The 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Your Client Work**]( " Article 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Yo...

Advice For Building A Great Blog

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There are some great blogs out there, but building your own community of dedicated followers and the content they want to read is easier said than done.  Writing the best possible content is going to take time and practice. Most great blogs are...

Make Meetings More Productive

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If your job includes having weekly or daily meetings, you know how inconvenient and draining they can be. Meant to be times to catch up on news, become aware of how the team is working, and discuss important updates, meetings can easily become the...

The Importance of Self-Acceptance

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There are certain habits that are considered to be most prevalent in the happiest of people, just as there are those associated with the most successful people. Many of those are well-known, like exercising and always learning something new.

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