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How to make the most of web analytics and event tracking

Posted on

We love data, in fact we’re decidedly goofy about it! But this makes it all the more important to remain disciplined in this area. It’s all too easy to become transfixed with daily Google Analytics charts - beautiful sure, but are they actually he...

From idea to 3,500 users & pricing revealed!

Posted on

This is the first of an ongoing series of posts called Building Updatey, where we share our ideas, methods, results and learnings with the aim to help people in similar situations and learn from the wider community. We’d love your comments and inp...

Beautiful project reports and other updates

Posted on

We've been busy working on making Updatey even more useful and, of course, beautiful. The volume of feedback we've received since the beta started has been just incredible. It seems there really is a need out there for a product that helps project...

Our top 5 project management tools

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As a tech startup, we find ourselves naturally drawn towards new and exciting online tools - and in particular project management tools! There’s something quite gorgeous and satisfying about combining, presenting and digesting the data that dri...

Welcome to Updatey

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Welcome to the Updatey blog. Over the coming weeks, as we draw closer to our official Beta launch, we will be keeping ourselves active within the blog. Largely, we'll be sharing insights into our process, the team and the product but we'll also sn...

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