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Why time tracking is so important in project management

Posted on

Many companies are reluctant to implement any sort of time tracking procedure for fear of employee grumbling. It’s true, that in some cases it is a needless procedure, or an overly heavy-handed management tactic that will alienate people and do mo...

Version 3 of Updatey set to launch

Posted on

We’re incredibly excited around the office these days, as we’re just about to launch our newest version of Updatey, our project management web app. The new and improved Updatey is filled with new features, and has some great improvements on the ol...

How I use Updatey to write better blog posts

Posted on

Hi, my name is Ben and I'll be working with Updatey's founder Ben and Head of Strategy Management, Robert to create and curate some great content for the Updatey blog. I'd like to use this post to introduce myself, and also to share with you how B...

Updatey V2 Launched

Posted on

We are really excited to announce that Updatey version 2 is now live! With Updatey version 2, you'll see improved performance, design changes, and most excitedly, the Workspace and a new Dashboard.  

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