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How to Find and Share Great Content on Twitter

Posted on

There’s a lot of great content on the internet, ready to be shared. And sharing that content is a good way of starting conversations with both people you follow and your own followers. But if you are trying to be more savvy with your sharing sched...

What Makes Great Customer Support? Part 2

Posted on

As part of my job at Updatey, always working to improve our customer support, I'm learning new things about providing great customer support every day. The following is not a complete list of everything that makes great customer support but they a...

The Pomodoro Technique

Posted on

Depending on the day, it's sometimes a lot easier to focus than others. I know that there are days when I feel incredibly productive and others when I'm not quite at peak efficiency. For both kinds of days, I like to use the Pomodoro Technique to ...

Pivoting with 3,500 users

Posted on

You've launched your product, people are signing up, paying in fact! Everything's progressing as it should. Except it's not. We had over 3,500 registered users, yet - and let's just call it entrepreneur's intuition - I just knew the product ...

What Makes Great Customer Support? Part 1

Posted on

Whether you call it Customer Support or Customer Happiness, when you're building your startup you should make sure to give a great deal of thought to how to give your customers the best experience possible. Customer Happiness can imply more tha...

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