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Syncing With External Integrations

Posted on

In order to make working with other project management tools easier, one of the new features that will be included in Updatey 2.0 is better syncing with external services like Redbooth and Basecamp. There will be two sync options aimed at two kind...

Helping "Angry" Customers

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Imagine this. You open up your inbox in the morning, ready to get started on helping out your customers, and the first thing that you see is an angry-sounding email from a customer who's encountered a bug. Or you've been having a difficult day and...

Client Report

Posted on

This is #4 in a 7-part series about the behind-the-scenes decisions for growing Updatey and the newest features that will be coming soon. Updatey was created to help you stay on top of your project but more than that, its goal is to help you keep ...

Is Procrastination Genetic?

Posted on

Most of us have been there: we have a big project due, or just lots of little bits and pieces to get done, but we can't seem to get ourselves to sit down and focus on anything. That, or we'll find ourselves focusing on anything but the work that w...

Listening To Your Customers

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In last week's post, I discussed some reasons why you should make sure to think about [providing great customer happiness team]( "Updatey Blog 5 Reasons Your Startup N...

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