Advice For Building A Great Blog

Posted by Amy Wallace Amy Wallace on .

There are some great blogs out there, but building your own community of dedicated followers and the content they want to read is easier said than done. 

Writing the best possible content is going to take time and practice. Most great blogs are written by people who have been writing for a long time, and even if their most successful blogs rocket into popularity overnight, they are built using knowledge accumulated over time and with help from others. 

While the time and work element of this is up to you, getting help and advice from others is a great idea to move your own practice along in the right direction. 

Thomas Pichon, founder of The Collaborative Startup, has written a blog post about different ways to make your own blog and posts more effective.

To tell you the truth, it did not work from one day to another. As you can check, I had written a dozen of articles on my personal blog a few weeks before, which got only about 50 readers each.
Unfortunately, I did not have any methodology to follow at that time. I just did what I thought was good, but wasted time and energy.

The goal of this article is to help you save time.

I want you to do in a few days what took me weeks. Let me detail now how to easily write great blog posts in order to get traction.

Of course, none of the advice you read around the web will make a difference without a lot of work and definitely a sprinkling of luck but it's a great place to start and a way to keep yourself motivated throughout the journey of building a great blog. 

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