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Is using a standing desk better than sitting?

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The many benefits of using a standing desk rather than sitting for hours on end have been widely reported. While sitting encourages long periods of inactivity, standing can keep you moving and stretch out those muscles. If you're not used to st...

New Feature: Add Start Dates and Enable 'Auto-start'

Posted on

Setting and visualising due dates is a great way to make sure your work gets done on time but sometimes the work takes a while to complete. In this case, it's helpful to know when you need to get started on those tasks to make sure they're ready i...

Be More Productive: Inspiring Daily Routines

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The path to creating a perfect routine and increasing productivity is something that many of us look for on a daily basis. We can always learn about our own patterns and experiment with new routines but it can help to have some inspiration from so...

Building Better Client Relationships

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A week ago, Emily Cohen wrote an article on entitled [**The 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Your Client Work**]( " Article 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Yo...

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