Can Being Happy Make You More Productive?

Posted by Amy Wallace Amy Wallace on .

When the sun's shining, you've had a great night's sleep and you know exactly what you have to get done, you can have a really happy and productive day. On other days you could be really productive, but still end up feeling less than happy about the day as a whole. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether a really productive day is what makes you feel good or whether being in a good mood can increase your productivity itself. 

Over on, Jessica Stillman has written a post about just this idea. Stillman writes that it's possible that 'Success doesn’t make you happy so much as happiness makes you more successful.' According to work by economists in the UK and Germany, being happy can make you more productive. 

The study involved seeing how mood could affect the subjects' ability to perform a maths challenge, but they first needed to assign their subjects to two groups: 

The economists first tested the relationship between happiness and productivity in a lab by randomly assigning volunteers to one of two groups. One set of subjects was treated to a funny video of a stand-up comedian in action as well as some free fruit and chocolate. The others watched a neutral video and got exactly nothing. Needless to say, the participants scarfing the free chocolate were the "happy" group.

Read the rest of the article to discover what the economists discovered, and how important a good mood can be to your daily productivity. 

Do you find yourself more productive when you're in a good mood? Does some chocolate work wonders on your mood and ability to work productively? Let us know in the comments below or by saying hi on Twitter!