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This is #4 in a 7-part series about the behind-the-scenes decisions for growing Updatey and the newest features that will be coming soon.

Updatey was created to help you stay on top of your project but more than that, its goal is to help you keep your clients up to date with the project with as little friction as possible. This is why we've created the Client Report, a powerful tool for your company to show your clients how their project is going.

Updatey Project Management Client View

Your project's timeline will be in pride of place at the top of your report, giving your client the essential bigger picture view of the project. The updates that you post to the Activity Feed and choose to show on the timeline with help your client navigate the day-to-day changes and information about their project while keeping everything within the perspective of the project as a whole.

With the Client Report you'll be able to customise what information your clients sees. You will be able to choose to display information about the tasks and milestones completed, those still to be done, and the most important team updates. This gives you the flexibility to show your clients exactly what they need to see without cluttering the report with unnecessary information.

Once you've chosen the elements you want to share with your clients, the details are automatically pushed through to your Client Report without any extra work from you.

And, because this is all about the work you're doing for your client, you'll be able to add your company's own logo at the top of the page.

Most importantly, there will be two powerful settings for your Client Report: Live and Snapshot. In the Live setting, when your clients view the report, they will see the most recent and up-to-date information about the project. All of the information about your chosen sections will be displayed as it is within your Updatey account, as it happens, live.

If you'd rather have a report updated weekly, or when you choose to, you can use Snapshot mode, which will allow you to show the details of the project at a point in time of your choice. This is perfect if you want to make sure you give your client a week-by-week update without overwhelming the report with the continuous changes of the day-to-day work.

Your clients won't even have to create an Updatey account; just send them the link to the report for their project and they'll be able to load the page and see the latest information straight away. This is perfect for clients who simply want to be aware of progress without having to add yet another account to their long list of apps.

You can do the hard work of managing a project with your Updatey account and the Client Report will help you effortlessly deliver transparency and clear updates to your clients with no hassle on their part.

Scroll down to see a full example of what the Client Report will look like, and let us know what you think in the comments below or by sending us an email. We're always happy to hear from you!

Updatey Project Management Client Report