From idea to 3,500 users & pricing revealed!

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This is the first of an ongoing series of posts called Building Updatey, where we share our ideas, methods, results and learnings with the aim to help people in similar situations and learn from the wider community. We’d love your comments and input.

Where it all started...

The idea behind Updatey was born back in 2012. I run Raw Jam, a development agency based here in the UK where we work with a large number of projects and clients. Finding a nuts and bolts project management or task management tool was pretty easy, but finding something that would help us communicate with clients, whilst also keeping the wider team in the loop proved more challenging. Everything just seemed too complex and difficult for non-technical team members to understand. Updatey was conjured up to solve this need, as well as provide a genuinely unique and refreshing way for teams to manage projects, but without the 'noise’.

We started developing in April 2013 and launched the first beta in September of that year. Fast forward to today (amazing to think that it's just 3 months from the launch of the beta) and we now have 3,500 users. Feedback has been incredible, and overall community participation (feature requests, bug reports etc) has been overwhelming. We’ve worked hard to respond to everyone that has reached out to us. We don’t intend on stopping so please keep the ideas and comments flowing!

To those that have been a part of our story so far, a big thank-you!

Leaving beta

Although there are a lot of exciting new features to come (a new task view and more advanced PM tools, to name but two), we are now rapidly approaching the point where we will be ready to move to a full release (and with that, a selection of paid accounts). We expect to do this on Friday the 17th of January.

A thank-you to all of our beta testers

Your input has helped us get Updatey to where it is today, and so we'd like to offer you a small appreciation of our gratitude. Firstly, when our pricing is officially released, all beta accounts will automatically be upgraded to a premium account; free for 30 days. After this period, if you do decide to stick with the premium account (or one of our other paid accounts) we will be offering you an exclusive 40% discount on the listed price for your first year. This is strictly available to our beta testers only and a small thank you for trying us out and being a part of the beta process.

Pricing revealed

We’ve thought long and hard about how the paid plans should be structured. We’ve also spent time consulting with a selection of beta users for input and reactions. Critically, what we’ve always been intent on providing is a service that is both cost effective and natural to understand.

Updatey will be completely free for users who just need a single public project. For those that are keen on using some of Updatey's advanced features, or who have a larger number of projects to manage, then there will be 3 paid plans to choose between (as well as a 4th ‘enterprise’ option).

The plans won’t be published officially until Friday the 17th, but here’s a quick sneak peek:

Updatey pricing revealed!

We’d love to hear from you over the next couple of weeks as we prepare to leave the beta.