Global Dashboard

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This is #3 in a 7-part series about the behind-the-scenes ideas and decisions for growing Updatey, including sneak peaks at new features that will be coming in Updatey's next big update. Take a look at the rest of the posts here.  

In last week's blog post, we showed you some more detail about Updatey's upcoming update and its enhanced project management tools. This week, we'd like to tell you about the Global Dashboard, which will also be coming in the update.

Updatey Project Management Global Dashboard

The Global Dashboard is going to be a very powerful element to managing projects in Updatey because it will give you an overview across your projects. You'll now be able to get a quick glance at upcoming milestones, the amount of work left to do on the project as a whole and any new comments added to a task, as well as much more.

It will allow you to view multiple projects at once while including the details you'll need to stay on track when planning new projects. Ever wanted to compare two projects to see if you're managing to stay on schedule for both? Or needed to decide which project needs to be fast-tracked? With the Dashboard, you'll be able to see the details you need to make those decisions.

This overview is something that we know our customers were looking for and we were happy to add it, knowing how much easier it would make managing several projects at once. So let's take a look at what this Global Dashboard will mean for your project management.

Global Dashboard Project Tile

The Global Dashboard is structured around project tiles. Each project will be displayed as a tile with the most important information easily visible at a glance. The tile is divided into three sections:

The Title: This displays the project title as well as the notification badge that will keep you updated when there's a new and important notification for your project.

The Details: This middle section shows you what the Next Milestone is and gives you the overall due date for the project.

The Slider: In the bottom section, you can swipe between different pieces of information about your project. This will automatically default to showing the information you most need to see at that time (i.e. such as if a due date has been missed).

The front of the tile will show you the next milestone as well as the deadline for the project as a whole, which will help when planning new projects' completion dates. You'll also be able to see information like an overview of the project timeline, a total of complete and overdue tasks, and overdue milestones by scrolling through the bottom of the tile.

Global Dashboard Notifications

When you get a new notification for a project, the badge in the top right of the tile will update. Then, by clicking on the menu button in the top right of the project tile, you'll see more detail about those notifications, like the latest comments, overdue milestones and tasks.

To remove a read notification, you can just click the cross next to the description and take a look at the details later. Clicking through on a notification, however, will take you through to that area of your project so you can get straight to work on it. 

We know that part of good project management is being able to deal with multiple projects at once and be aware of the progress of each one. This is why we've designed the Global Dashboard and are really excited to get it rolled out to our users so you can get a great overview of all your projects.