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This is #2 in a 7-part series about the behind-the-scenes ideas and decisions for growing Updatey. The first post was about using Lean Methodology and how we decided to pivot Updatey.

In a previous blog post, we gave your a quick look at one of the upcoming changes to Updatey, a new project management view that gives you greater control over your milestones. We were really excited to share this with you because it's something we've been hard at work on, all in the aim of providing you with ways to better manage your projects.

Since then, we've added a few new features to this view that will allow you to add even more detail to each of your milestones, including subtasks, a vital part of any project manager's tool box. So let's take a quick look at some of the features that will soon be coming to Updatey!

As we revealed in our previous blog post, the expanded milestones will show you a detailed view of each stage of your project. This will help you see what you've accomplished as a team and what still needs to be done on an individual level. You'll quickly be able to see who's been assigned tasks, whether the milestone's on budget, and take a look at any files that have been attached.

Updatey Project Management Milestones and Tasks

As you can see in the screenshot above, each milestone box will give you easy access to all the information you'll need about your milestone. The tabs along the top of the box will allow you to switch between the information you want to see quickly and easily, from the milestone overview and tasks, to the notification and comments.

The milestone's due date, budget information and dependencies will all be displayed at the bottom of the milestone box so you can get that all important at-a-glance overview. And all of this will be easily edited from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.

You'll be able to add tasks, each with the details that will help you manage your project as well as possible. Tasks can be assigned to other team members, given a due date and description, and you'll be able to start comment threads within tasks to keep all your important information in one place.

Within a task you'll also be able to add files, and detail the money or time spent. This is a great way to keep track of the work you're doing and will help you predict time you'll need for any future projects.

And now for an exciting new feature: we know how important structure is to planning your projects so the update will now also give you the ability to add subtasks to your milestone tasks. This might seem like a small addition but, as most project managers know, it's a vital part of keeping on top of different levels within a task and milestone. You'll now be able to create as many subtasks as needed within your tasks, helping your team break their tasks down into smaller and more manageable to-dos.

Updatey Project Management Milestones, Do Tos, tasks and budget

The goal of all these changes is to make the back-end, nitty gritty of organising and running a project easier and more beautiful. With this better way to manage your projects, you can have more control over your milestones and all that information will still be fed seemlessly into your timeline view, so everyone can stay up to date with the project.

We're really looking forward to sharing these new features with you and are hard at work behind the scenes getting them ready for you! Let us know if you want to be kept up to date about the new update or stay tuned on our Twitter account to find out all our news.

For more screenshots and details about the upcoming changes to Updatey's project management features, you can take a look at our detailed blog post.

If you're interested in finding out more about the reasons behind these new features, take a look at the first post in this series about Pivoting. Do get in touch if you have thoughts or questions about these new features, we'd love to hear from you!