Musings of a founder

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This is post number 1 in a series where Benjamin Dell, Updatey's founder and CEO, shares his experiences building the company, hunting down KPI metrics, experimenting with growth hacking, customer development and, most importantly, his love for failing fast and early.

But first, an introduction...

It's extremely difficult to fail at something and then find that you haven't learnt anything from that experience. What worries me though, is that it's also scarily easy to 'avoid' failing. Sure, no one likes to fail, per se, but the process, result and very nature of a failure is an empowering thing indeed.

During the course of this blog series, I'll be writing about the many failures and experiments I've had whilst building Updatey. I'll also talk about transparency - an approach that has been embraced at Buffer. Most importantly though, the point of this series is to engage with you, the wonderful reader, in meaningful discussion and debate.

You very well might learn something, and all being well, so will I!

If there is a specific topic you'd like me to talk about, then hit me an email. I can also be reached on Twitter @bendell