New Feature: Add Start Dates and Enable 'Auto-start'

Posted by Amy Wallace Amy Wallace on .

Setting and visualising due dates is a great way to make sure your work gets done on time but sometimes the work takes a while to complete. In this case, it's helpful to know when you need to get started on those tasks to make sure they're ready in time for the due date.

At Updatey, we want to help you stay as organised as possible so we've introduced a new feature: you can now add start dates to your milestones, in addition to the due dates. It's easy to add a start date when creating a new milestone directly from the timeline or in the milestone settings, just as you would add a due date.

We've also added the ability to set your milestones with start dates to 'auto-start'. This can be a great tool because if you're using Updatey to keep your clients aware of how work on a project's going, you want to make sure that the information is kept up to date on your Updatey Timeline.

Sometimes, if you're busy working away on your project, sticking to those deadlines and start dates, you might forget to set those milestones to 'started'. This can cause confusion on your client's end when, if you haven't marked a milestone as started, it looks like you're starting to run behind on the work.

This is where the ability to 'Auto-start' your milestones comes in really handy. If you have a milestone with a start date two weeks from now and you get to work on it on schedule, you don't have to worry about setting the milestone to started and your client won't worry that you're getting behind schedule on things.

To set your milestones to 'auto-start', just go to 'Manage' from within your project and then to 'Settings' and you'll be able to find the option to allow Auto Start under the Milestones section.

This can be a simple but powerful way to make sure your clients are kept up to date without you having to worry about changing the status of your milestones when everything's running smoothly.

We hope that this makes Updatey even better for you but we'd love to hear what you think about this new features. Get in touch with feedback, questions, or just to say hello by adding a comment below, sending us an email or saying hello on Twitter.