Project Management View

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At its heart, Updatey is a beautiful way to share your project's progress with your clients. But we want Updatey users to be able to have more control over projects, as well as the power to work more effectively as a team.

So we're very excited to announce the new Project Management view we're working on. It will give you a more detailed and comprehensive view of your milestones, and allow you to assign tasks to team members, post comments directly to tasks and milestones, and upload files within specific milestones.

We're working hard to get this ready for you soon but wanted to give you a detailed look of what it will look like. So let's take a look at some of the main features of this Project Management view.

The Project

On the left hand side of the screen, you can easily see a summary of the most important information about your project: name, time to next milestone, time until the project's end and the amount and percentage of budget used.

Below this, you have three display options that will help you control the way you view your milestones and allows you to quickly select whether or not your completed milestones are visible.

At the bottom of this left-hand column, you can see which of your team members are part of the project. Each person's name and avatar is displayed here so that you can see the whole team at a glance.


The main section of this view is made up of detailed milestone boxes. This is where you will find the heart of the Project Management element.

With this view you can immediately see an overview of the milestone which includes the title and description, due date and budget information, as well as whether or not the milestone has dependencies. You can also easily mark the milestone as complete, all right from the milestone overview.

The tabs along the top of the milestone box give you easy access to the Tasks, Notification settings, Comments and Files added to the milestone.

The icon in the top-right of the box lets you easily access the settings for the milestone, edit the budget, assign people to the milestone or delete the milestone.

And finally, the arrow on the right-hand side of the box allows you to expand the Milestone to reveal more information if you need it and then collapse it again to allow you to get see several milestones at once.


When you click on the Tasks tab, you will be able to add new tasks, assign those tasks to team members and clearly see all of the tasks already associated with the milestone.

Comments that are written about tasks will also be visible here, clearly marked with the author's name and avatar. This makes collaborating and having conversations about individual tasks even easier.


You can assign a budget to a project, as well as to an individual milestone so that you can stay on top of each part of your project.

The current budget status is easily visible on the milestone overview, written in green when everything in that milestone is on budget. You can quickly change the settings for that budget within the drop-down menu from the top-right of the milestone box.


The Comments tab allows you to see all the comments about that milestone. This is the perfect area to discuss bigger concept issues associated with a milestone when commenting on a specific task is not the most efficient method.


This tab takes you to the notification settings for the milestone so that team members who are assigned to that element of the project can make sure they're always notified of changes while those who aren't assigned can focus on the work most relevant to them.

This Project Management view gives you the overview power of the Timeline and the control over the milestone details that you need to work best as a team.

To sign up to be notified when it's ready, you can just head over to one of your projects, select the second view and click on 'Tell Me When It's Ready'.

We'd love to know what you think of this new Project Management view and any other thoughts you have about Updatey, so say hello by email, Twitter or in the comments below.