The Importance of Self-Acceptance

Posted by Amy Wallace Amy Wallace on .

There are certain habits that are considered to be most prevalent in the happiest of people, just as there are those associated with the most successful people. Many of those are well-known, like exercising and always learning something new.

According to a recent survey, self-acceptance is one of those habits but it is the least practised. The effect of self-acceptance is powerful, allowing you to move on from mistakes and finds more effective ways to improve your life based on what you know about your own character.

Of course, like everything in life, you need to strike a balance because embracing too much self-acceptance means you can begin to lose your drive to improve yourself. On Psychology Today’s blog, Christopher Bergland writes that:

There is a potential paradox in terms of believing “I'm 100% OK” and was “Born This Way” being extremely positive ... and the potential backlash of believing “you're totally fine as you are” justifying complacency and keeping you stuck in a rut. It can be a thin line between self-acceptance and apathy.

But there are ways to practice this balance and work your way towards gaining better self-acceptance. You can also learn to grow your acceptance of others’ actions which can help increase your happiness; empathy can be a powerful emotion.

Take a look at the post on Psychology Today to find out more about how to grow this illusive but powerful habit.

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