Version 3 of Updatey set to launch

Posted by Benjamin Schaye Benjamin Schaye on .

We’re incredibly excited around the office these days, as we’re just about to launch our newest version of Updatey, our project management web app. The new and improved Updatey is filled with new features, and has some great improvements on the old ones. We’ve worked out the final bugs, tested everything (and retested, again, and again, and again), and we’re ready to go. We think we’ve created a software product that has real value to offer a lot of different companies.

We’ll get into the guts of the changes below, but the main thing we’ve done is flatten and simplify. Not only is the new Updatey easier to use and more intuitive, we think it looks great as well. We’ve added some great new functions, and taken away a bit of clutter and less-useful features, and we’re thrilled with the result. Whether you’re an Updatey user already, or you’re new to our product, we think you’re going to love it for streamlining your project management process.

If you’ve been using Updatey already, the first thing you’ll notice is that the workspace has totally changed around. Previously, all of your projects would be shown in the right two thirds of the screen, one on top of the other. Within each project, there were tabs for tasks, comments and files, and clicking any of these would expand that particular project downward. We noticed that when we were working on various aspects of different projects, everything would get pushed further and further down the screen and we were doing too much scrolling.

We’ve completely redone the workspace, and now under Milestones on the left hand side of the workspace screen, each project is listed separately. Clicking on any project opens it to the right of the screen, but without all the clutter of other projects like in the the previous version. A project now has only a tab for tasks, and one for files. Comments are opened as threads when a task is clicked on.

Back to the left, under Milestones, you’ll see a quick overview of each project name, and the number of tasks completed out of total tasks. A small dot next to this number will be green for on-schedule, or red for those which are overdue. Hovering over the dot will display a checkbox which can be ticked to quickly mark the milestone completed. One thing we think users will find particularly useful is the filters we’ve created. Using these, you can view only completed milestones completed, those due in the next week, those that are overdue, or any of a few other filter options.

We’ve also totally redone the overview screen by making it much simpler. Actually, we’ve taken away some of the functionality of this screen, like being able to add new tasks from it. We did this because it was redundant and we felt it could get confusing. But we’ve more than made up for the loss by redoing the timeline completely.

One thing we noticed was that depending on what you were looking for, you may either want to see the timeline represented in time, or in effort. By that we mean, you may want to see time elapsed and time until completion, or you may want to see the percent of tasks within a project that have been completed. Most likely you’ll want to see both, and now you can. The big blue line at the top is time, and each milestone has its own separate line representing effort. These lines are green if they’re on pace, and red if behind schedule. Clicking on one will take you directly to that milestone in the workspace.

Beneath the timelines there are tabs that give a nice overview, and below that there is a space where users with the correct permissions can add notes for other team members to see.

There are some other really nice features we’ve added in. Type in a link and it’s converted automatically into a hyperlink. Use a Twitter handle and it will link to that account. There’s now a small bell icon in the right of the header for notifications. We’ve also added in time tracking, which can be really useful for following team members’ work, or if you’re working with an hourly freelancer on some aspect of the project.

We don’t mean to big ourselves up too much, but there’s one more feature that we absolutely love, and think our users will too. The coup de grâce of Updatey version 3, the absolutely killer feature and what we’re most proud of, is Snapshot. Snapshot allows you and your team to share your progress with a stakeholder who needs an overview, but doesn’t need to see into the guts of the project.

This could be a client, an investor, a journalist, or another department, and there are two different ways users can choose to share the information. It can be given in snapshot mode, whether daily, weekly, or or just a one-off, where you create a snap in a freeze frame. Or you can share it in live mode where their Snapshot is updated when milestones are reached, deadlines are met, etc. But what they won’t see is the day-to-day noise, the bumps in the road, or the possibly less-than-professional language your team uses amongst each other. The recipients can access it directly through a link you provide them and there’s no login necessary. there will be no Updatey headers or footers, just a nice, neat little summary that will make them happy and make you look good.

We’ve worked hard on these new updates and we think people will love them. If you were using Updatey previously, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the changes. And if you’re new, we would love for you to try us out. We think we have something unique to offer that other project management apps lack. We’re excited to launch this new version, and we hope you’ll use us to grow your business alongside of ours. Cheers!