What is Updatey?

Posted by Amy Wallace Amy Wallace on .

Updatey is now out of Beta and is ready to be put to use as your beautiful but powerful project tracker. 

So what can Updatey do for you? It’s important to keep everyone in the loop at various stages of project management but it’s often difficult to do so in a clear and visually appealing way. Updatey solves that problem by providing a simple but powerful way to share the progress of your project with your team members, clients and shareholders. 

When you want to keep your clients up to date on how your work for them is going, you can always send them an email or a complicated Gantt chart. But, with Updatey, they can see at a glance how the project’s progressing, what still needs to be worked on and how the team members are working together to complete the project.

There are three different views within an Updatey project: the Timeline, the Activity Feed and the Dashboard. These can be accessed by selecting a project and then choosing between one of the three icons that sit above your project's name.

Navigating Around Your Project

The Timeline

This is the view that greets you when you click on your project, giving you an overview of the project as a whole. It shows you a horizontal view of all the milestones and updates currently part of your project, as well as the end date (if there is one) and the due date for the next upcoming milestone. 

When you hover over a milestone icon, it gives all the information about that milestone. There’s the name, due date and the button to mark the milestone as started. There’s also the list of tasks associated with the milestone where you'll be able to easily see which ones are completed and which ones are yet to be worked on.


Here’s a screenshot from the Updatey team’s own Updatey timeline. 

The Activity Feed

This is the second view and is the feed of your activity on the project. It highlights when milestones are added, started and completed, and is a record of completed tasks. 

It’s a great tool for collaboration helping to keep everyone within the team on the same page and up to date with everything that’s happening. Posting an update adds a note to the activity feed. Your team members can then add their own comments on the update.

Users who are subscribed to updates, while not able to add their own posts to the activity feed, are able to leave comments on the updates, ensuring that clients feel they have a voice in how the project is going. 

These updates and comments are a great way to make sure any issues can be dealt with within the context of the update and the project as a whole. They can even be used to congratulate the team on achieving deadlines and making headway on difficult tasks. 

Here's a screenshot from the Updatey Activity Feed.

The Dashboard

This view gives you a clear and detailed overview of the project milestones and tasks. You can see which milestones are upcoming, which have been completed and whether or not they were finished on time. It also gives you an instant reminder of what tasks and milestones are overdue. 

To the right of the dashboard, you can also see what images and documents have been uploaded and associated with the project. 

Here's a screenshot from the Updatey Dashboard.

These three views can all be powerful within your team. They give a great visualisation for your team members to see how different milestones will come together, and when they need to be delivered. It allows for collaboration and updates across the team, and is flexible enough to deal with the times when you need to change a last minute deadline at the click of a button. 

So why not try out Updatey for yourself and see what you can do? Just head over to Updatey.com and start your first project.  

We would love to hear about how you use Updatey, what features you’re looking forward to seeing soon and any other feedback you have. We're always happy to answer questions, too, so just comment down below or you can email or Tweet us.